About Lloyd

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Lloyd lived and studied in many parts of Europe– from Budapest to Rome, Switzerland , Germany and England.

Lloyd is an avid Pop Expressionist with a reach for Surrealism. All his work has some subliminal or conscious meaning that leads to some ” Tales of Thoughts”. His paintings or other work comes in series — the subject matters of his consciousness and imagination expand through multiple levels and sizes of Imagery.

The Dream Pop Series
His Dream Pop-I series was based on small watercolor paintings he did at age 17. These acrylic on canvas paintings evoke a dreamy, retro, pre-psychedelic teenage world with an interpretation of vivid pop imagery.

The Demigods series
As the lead singer , songwriter, lyricist of the Fort Lauderdale based “Techno Pop Slam Dance” band , Lloyd has co-wrote and performed many of the group’s visionary songs. The series “Demigods” is drawn from and inspired by ” TRAMP”, one the band’s radically forceful recordings.

The Berlin Wall series
This series of Metal Work is fueled by Lloyd’s love of the Element and Structure. With a direct collision between Technology and a Socio-Political World Order, these pieces of relief sculptures explore ways of Structural Assembly, with components of various Metals, High tech Circuit Board plates , Glass, Bullets– pierced and built around original concrete pieces of the demised Berlin Wall.